Drs Khayat & Jouanny

Our three-day course on Endodontic Microsurgery offers interactive lectures, hands-on training and live surgery demonstrations. Participants will be able to practice incisions, osteotomy, retrograde preparation, obturation and sutures on realistic 3D models. Live demonstration on patient will allow participants to fully understand the advantages of advanced microsurgical techniques.


The course will be given in English and cosupervised by both Dr Khayat and Dr Jouanny to allow participants to enjoy the best interactive learning experience.

The general dentist willing to implement endodontic surgery, and the experienced endodontic surgeon will both acquire the appropriate knowledge to achieve better and predictable results in their daily practice.

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Bertrand Khayat
Guillaume Jouanny
Bertrand Khayat

Bertrand Khayat

Dr. Bertrand Khayat received his DDS degree at the University of Paris. He obtained his Certificate in Endodontics and his Masters of Science at the University of Washington in 1988.

A pioneer in the use of the microscope in Endodontics, he also designed several surgical instruments including ultrasonic tips for surgical retropreparation.

In addition to his extensive experience and expertise in Endodontic Surgery, he lectures internationally while maintaining his private practice in Conventional and Surgical Endodontics in Paris.

  • Doctor in dental surgery
  • Certificate in endodontics, University of Washington, USA
  • Master of science in dentistry, University of Washington, USA
  • Adjunct assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Guillaume Jouanny

Guillaume Jouanny

Dr. Guillaume Jouanny received his DDS degree at the University of Paris. He earned his Certificate in Endodontics from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015, where he received comprehensive training in Microsurgical Endodontics.

He returned to France where he teaches at the University level. In addition to his private practice in Paris, he lectures on Surgical Endodontics, among other Endodontic topics, worldwide.

  • Doctor in dental surgery
  • Certificate in endodontics, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Clinical instructor, University of Paris Descartes, France




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